EPS “Capture and Riot” Electrified Riot shields, to deter, to Defend and to Protect with non-lethal application able to use for effective access control, to restore law and order with LESS THAN LETHAL force.


Prison Cell extractions, Tactical Police units and General Security Contracting companies.


Model Range: 250mm (Mini Tactical) / 500mm(Midi Combat) / 900m(Maxi Swat) / 1200mm(XL Maxi Riot) 800mm (Capture Shield)

  • Tested to international IEC Standards, non-Lethal 120 Kv High voltage shock deterrent conducted via gridded lightweight aluminium conductors across the entire front section of the shield.
  • Secure molded Handgrips with easy thumb activation trigger.
  • NEW – DUAL Visible shock sparks act as an added.
  • 4mm Thick see through REINFORCED polycarbonate shields, offering protection against thrown objects.
  • New High capacity 2500ma Li-ion for extended stand by time during confrontations.
  • New Plug-In Intel fast Battery charger with switch mode facility.
  • Optional: NEW Audit Intel Feature able to monitor and Control operation and use of shields.
  • Removable control box for cost-effective shipping and maintenance.
  • 12 Months Manufacturing warranty.

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