The Anti-Scape Stun Belt will be used to restrain and control the behavior of prisoners / aggressors while escorting in order to prevent escape and ensure safety, efficiency without dangerous attacks to personnel or to innocent bystanders


  • Control range up to 100+ meters to enhance ability.
  • 125-dB Ear-piercing Siren that serves as a first warning to attract audible attention.
  • Tested safe non-leathal high voltage pulse to temporary incapacitate the prisoner.
  • Sequential safety activation circuit with Pre-set cut-off timer for duration of shock.
  • Cables throughout the belt offers cut resistance against a knife.
  • Dual Restraint heavy-duty Velcro straps with handcuff D-ring ensures belt to be lock tight and secure around waist.
  • Base Belt manufactured from High density anti-bacterial polyester with robust webbing attachments and covered with durable Cordura Nylon material.
  • New High capacity 2500ma Li-ion for extended stand by time during escort or or deportation.
  • Optional: NEW Audit Intel Feature to monitor and Control operation and use of Auditing supplied complete with PC interface module and download software program.
  • Carry bag: Manufactured from Cordura incorporating dual zip sliders, has inner compartments for accessories and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Removable control box for cost effective shipping and maintenance.
  • 12 Months Manufacturing warranty.

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