Robust moulded heavy-duty container. Enhanced security features with dual trigger remote activation shock, siren and colour smoke dye trigger.

To secure valuables, cash deposits and ATM cassettes onsite and during transfers by Contract Security Organizations and Bank Consortiums.


  • Strong Durable ABS Moulded plastic construction.
  • External dimension 505 x 318 x 158mm. Internal Load dimension 393 x 295 x 150mm.
  • Pad Lockable Metal Sleeve with ANTI TAMPER trigger for onsite storage (Optional).
  • Long-Range remote-control activation up to 100 Meters plus with Security Code hopping technology.
  • NEW Ear piercing 125 db warning siren.
  • NEW Tested non-lethal 120KV shock deterrent in handle and on external casing.
  • Anti-Tamper mode with Sleeve option.
  • Optional: Dual remote trigger for colour smoke pack detonation.
  • Pad lock able Latch lock with security seal attachment -Standard
  • NEW 2.5Amp Li-ion Rechargeable battery pack with increased standby and operational time
  • NEW Fast intel Li-ion Plug in charger. Restores battery in under 2 hours
  • Optional Advanced Auditing and Servo motor locking system.
  • Optional Concealed Tracking with Full web base tracking monitoring and support.

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